JTS Engineering Consultants, Inc. - Representative Projects List

The following is a partial list of the projects we have completed:

City of Sacramento

  1. Meadowview Community Center, Phase 1-4 (Sam Pannell Center): Performed topographic and boundary survey; and prepared grading, paving, and utility design
  2. City of Sacramento ADA City Hall: Performed topographic survey utility infrastructure study and prepared grading, paving and utility design.
  3. William J. Kinney Police Facility: Performed topographic survey and prepared grading, paving and utility design.
  4. George Sim Community Center – Logan Street: Performed topographic survey, prepared schematic design, design development, improvement plans, construction administration, drainage study, hydrology study and fire flow analysis. LEED project but not certified.
  5. Memorial Auditorium – 1515 J Street: Performed topographic survey and prepared grading and drainage plan. Performed construction staking.
  6. Hagginwood Community Center Park – Joe Mims Community Center: Performed topographic survey and prepared onsite sewer plan.
  7. South Natomas Community Center and Library – Truxel Road – Performed topographic survey, participated in master planning for entire park and construction drawing for Phase 1 including the library and community center. Utility design included distribution of domestic and fire water services; collection of sanitary sewage and stormwater runoff; treatment of stormwater runoff for improvement of water quality.
  8. Valley Hi Library – Bruceville Road: Provided topographic survey and civil construction plans including sanitary sewage and storm water collection, and domestic fire water distribution. Water quality treatment for the site and adjacent public street was included in our design. We provided construction staking for the project. Prepared plan for sidewalk removal and replacement. LEED project but not certified.
  9. George Sim Community Center – Logan Street: Provided design of sidewalk.
  10. Fire Station 43 – 4201 El Centro Road: Performed topographic survey, utility, easement and boundary survey. Design included onsite grading and utility improvements. LEED certified project.
  11. Fire Station 15 – Newborough Drive: Performed topographic survey, utility, and easement survey.
  12. Community Center Theatre – 1301 L Street: Performed topographic survey and filing of Record of Survey.
  13. Sierra II Community Center – Phase 3 – 4th Avenue: Performed topographic survey; prepared grading plan for sidewalk and paving improvement and construction staking for the center. Performed topographic survey and surveying of basketball courts.
  14. McClatchy Park – 3500 5th Avenue, Sacramento: Performed topographic survey, prepared improvement plans with included grading, wet utilities, fire access, demolition and erosion control plan.
  15. Sutter’s Landing – 28th Street, Sacramento – Performed topographic survey, prepared rough grade plan, prepared erosion control plan.
  16. 24th Street Bypass Park, Sacramento – Performed topographic survey.

City of Folsom

  1. City of Folsom Municipal Services Complex: Provided civil design and surveying for City Hall, Police Station and Community Center.

County of Sacramento

  1. Florin Road Streetscape: Provided management and preliminary civil engineering design for demolition and reconstruction of approximately 1,400 linear feet of public Stockton Blvd.
  2. Sacramento Metropolitan Airport: Cargo Apron; Designed grading, paving and drainage for cargo apron expansion.
  3. Pedestrian Walkways – Hollister, Panama, and Beech; Bike Lane Project on Panama: Prepared topographic survey; prepared base plan, roadway stripping plans; prepared construction drawings and utility plan.

Federal & State Projects

  1. California State Prison – Lassen CountyProvided civil improvement design and surveying for a new 2,200 bed facility.

UCD Medical Center Projects

  1. Stockton Blvd: Provided management and preliminary civil engineering design for demolition and reconstruction of approximately 1,400 linear feet of public Stockton Blvd.
  2. 49th and 2nd Avenue: Provided public improvements.
  3. Design of various parking lots.
  4. Design of Admin. Support Facility & Expansion.
  5. Widening & reconstruction of “X” Street from Stockton Blvd to 48th Street.
  6. UCD Warehouse, Bldg. 41 – Stockton Blvd: Prepared schematic design, design development, construction documents, construction administration and utility design.
  7. Cancer Center Expansion – X St & 45th St: Performed topographic survey, designed street signs, overhead utility, boundary control and analysis, survey preparation, review and plot easements, generate contours, depict record utilities.
  8. Health Education Center and Education Building – 45th St & X St.: JTS provided topographic survey, grading and paving plans, and utility plan including sewer: drain, domestic water service, fire sprinkler service and onsite fire hydrant system. Prepared SWPPP.
  9. Stockton Research Center – Central Plant Utility Extension: Prepared a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) for the center.
  10. Education Bldg – Phase II – (Telemedicine Resource Center) – X Street: Surveying services (verification of pad elevation and floor elevations; verification of slab on grade elevation).
  11. 2501 Stockton Blvd: Prepared construction drawings for fire sprinkler service and fire hydrants; prepare fire flow report.
  12. UCDMC Waste Management Facility Relocation project – 49th Street: Prepared topographic survey, prepared schematic design and construction documents, grading and drainage design and fire hydrant design, construction administration, erosion and sedimentation control plan for relocation of containerized storage units.
  13. UCDMC Graduate Study Building – Y Street and 45th: Provided schematic, design development, and bridging documents.
  14. UCDMC Same Day Surgery Center Auxiliary Storage – 49th Street: Provided sewer, water and fire sprinkler services from existing campus facilities to the existing building.
  15. UCDMC Medical Records Storage – V Street: Prepared topographic survey.
  16. UCDMC North Addition – V Street: Provide topographic survey and record boundary.
  17. 45th and V Street: Worked on the abandonment of SMUD and PGE easement of portion of 45th St.
  18. 4875 Broadway: Prepared ALTA Survey and filed a Record of Survey.
  19. UCDHS Parking Lot #4 Expansion – 4800 V Street – Performed topographic survey, prepare design development and construction documents, designed and prepare specifications for two gates. Site planning. ADA path of travel, lights and landscape.

Medical Offices

  1. Sutter Medical Plaza and Campus and Hospital: Laguna Blvd: Performed topographic survey. Prepared onsite grading and drainage plan and construction staking. Prepared civil design of public and private site improvements. Prepared design for pedestrian/bike trail at Laguna Blvd.
  2. Medical Office Building – 3000 Q Street: JTS provided topographic and boundary survey. In addition, we provided civil construction plans and a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Construction staking was not provided by JTS. During performance of a post construction survey it was identified the building was constructed partially in the public right of way. We prepared and processed a partial street abandonment to correct the identified encroachment.

Folsom Area Semi Conductor Manufacture - Folsom Campus:

Provided topographic surveying and civil improvement design for 5 large office bldg and approximately 70 acres of associated parking over a period of 20+ years. Assisted in the update of campus ADA facilities to comply with current standards.

Arden Pump Station & Force Main:

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Primary Tank Reliability Project at Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP):

California Public School Facilities

  1. California State University: 600 J Street, Sacramento: Provided civil design and surveying for:
  2. Sacramento City Unified District, The Met – 810 V Street: Performed topographic Survey and boundary survey. Prepared schematic civil engineering plans and schematic civil design; onsite/offsite construction drawings, onsite sewer, water and onsite storm water design; erosion control plan, onsite grading plan.
  3. Sacramento Country Day School – 2600 V Street: Performed topographic survey; prepared design for fire hydrant services and ADA parking and access plan.
  4. Riverbank Elementary School – 1100 Carrie Street, West Sacramento: Performed topographic, drainage study, prepared grading and erosion control plan and utility plan, fire flow report, SWPPP
  5. Aspire Public Schools – 2531 32nd Street: Performed Lot Merger for 4 lots and submittal.
  6. Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), Elk Grove, CA: Performed topographic survey and prepared civil design, utility design for various facilities:

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church and Day School – 2140 Mission Avenue:

  1. Provided topographic survey
  2. Prepared civil improvement plans and grading/utility plans
  3. Prepared Water Quality Design
  4. Prepared routing of 100-year flood thru the site
  5. Prepared Drainage Study
  6. Prepared SWPPP
  7. Prepared and filed Record of Survey.

Community Centers and Libraries

Performed topographic and boundary survey; prepared grading and drainage plan, frontage improvement plans, schematic design, paving and utility design for the following projects:
  1. Carmichael Library
  2. Arden Branch Library
  3. Asian Community Center

Sports Facilities

Performed topographic survey, prepared grading, drainage and utility plan. Provided construction staking for the following facilities:
  1. CSUS Baseball Stadium & Babe Ruth League
  2. ARCO Park Stadium


  1. Granite Regional Park, Cucamonga Avenue: Provided master planning and support for various phases of the project. Performed topographic survey; prepared civil design and construction staking.

Auto Mall Center

Performed topographic survey, prepared grading, drainage and utility plan. Provided construction staking for the following auto dealers:
  1. Roseville Auto Mall
  2. Folsom Auto Mall
  3. Elk Grove Auto Mall

Retirement Communities

Performed topographic and boundary survey; civil design and construction staking for the following projects, preliminary grading plan, site plan:
  1. Eskaton Village, Carmichael
  2. Eskaton Village, Gold River on Coloma Road
  3. Eskaton Village, Fair Oaks Blvd.
  4. Winding Way Seniors, Carmichael
  5. Taylor Terrace Apartments, Sacramento
  6. Oakmont Senior Living, Carmichael

High-Rise/Hotel/Condo Projects

Performed topographic survey; prepared and processed onsite civil improvement plans, offsite plant, lot merger, final map, grading and utility plans including sewer, domestic water, fire sprinkler service, and storm drain, consultation with utility agencies, ALTA Survey, construction staking, preparation of tentative subdivision map, boundary survey. Use Permit Application. ADA Accessible
  1. 1409 R Street
  2. L Street Lofts – 1818 L Street
  3. The Old Firestone Bldg – 1531 L Street
  4. Ebner’s Hotel and Empire House – 116-120 K Street
  5. Holiday Inn – 300 J Street
  6. Value Place Apartments – 14th & Power Inn Road
  7. Renaissance Tower – 801 K Street
  8. Aura Condos – 615 Capitol Mall
  9. Rush River I & II Apartments – 7556 Rush Rive Dr.
  10. Waterford Cove – Windbridge Drive
  11. Salishan Condominiums – 7550 Carleton Lane
  12. Super 8 Motel – Cameron Park
  13. River View Park Apartments – 5499 Carlson Drive
  14. Hawthorne Suites – 321 & 455 Bercut Drive


  1. Proctor & Gamble Plant, Sacramento, CA, for MW Kellogg: Prepared Utility Study.
  2. Hukusan Sake Plant for Kohnan Inc., Napa, CA, Provided Consultation & preparation of topo survey, grading and drainage plan.
  3. Shoei Food USA, Inc. – 1900 Feather Rive Blvd, Marysville, CA: Prepared onsite grading and drainage plan and topographic survey.
  4. Salad Cosmo – 5944 Dixon Avenue, Dixon, CA: Prepared topographic survey and grading and drainage plan.
  5. Sake Plant – Industrial Metal Building – 1136 Sibley Road, Folsom, CA: Prepared topographic survey and prepared onsite grading and drainage plant.