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JTS Enginnering Consultants, Inc. is the premier provider of professional consulting, civil engineering, land surveying, and construction layout services for both public and private land development and contruction projects in and around the Sacramento area. Established in 1977, nearly 40 years ago, we strive to consistently deliver quality and timely services for small and large-scale diverse segment of projects in industrial, commercial, residential, and public works sectors.

JTS Engineering Consultants, Inc Office, Sacramento, CA

Our Surveying Department provides services for a project from initial topographic, aerial, boundary, and utility surveying through construction staking, as built surveying, and mapping for subdivision of land. We routinely prepare American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys for small, medium, and large ulti-million dollar projects. We combine the expertise of our very experienced team with the state-of-the-art technology in the field and at the office to efficiently and accurately deliver the survey data, maps and drawings in digital and other formats to our clients and local government bodies with jurisdiction over the projects.

Our Engineering Department provides land planning and design engineering for public, commercial, industrial and residential projects. Planning services range from site planning and infrastructure studies to rezoning, boundary line adjustments, street abandonment, parcel maps and subdivision maps. Design engineering services include sanitary sewer collection, domestic water distribution, fire service distribution, public street lighting, roadway design, grading plans, hydrology and hydraulic calculations for storm water collection and conveyance, and all civil engineering aspects related to municipal engineering. Here too our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers utilize technology, AutoCAD, and other computer-aided solutions to produce quality deliverables in various formats for our clients.

Over the last four decades, we have relentlessly pursued the improvement of our processes for providing quality deliverables and services to our clients. We have developed and have constantly kept improving an elaborate set of checks and double-checks to ensure the accuracy, clarity and completeness of our work. This pursuit of quality also applies to our communications and coordination with the clients and other consultants involved. We routinely review the products and plans of the other aspects of the project and focus on identifying and resolving any issues or conflicts ahead of time.

Surveying projects often involve potential issues and problems with boundary lines, easements, restrictions or other conflicts. Our experienced team often identifies such issues which can adversely impact the project if not identified and resolved in a timely fashion. Our goal always is to not only have the civil engineering portion of the project completed smoothly by providing timely identification and resolutionof any potential issues.

Over the last four decades, we have worked on over 5,000 projects. Our clients include City of Sacramento, City of Folsom, Sacramento County, and Lassen County. We have handled over 20 projects for Univeristy of California, Davis, Medical Center. We have provided services for medical offices, schools, universities, churches, community centers and libraries, sports facilities, malls, retrement facilities, hotels, condos, and industrial plants. A representative list of these projects is shown on our Projects page.

If you have any questions or need additional information about our services or projects, please contact us.